Black Caddis in Full Swing

Black Caddis in Full Swing

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The river flows as of yesterday (7/15/2014) have dropped 300 cfs, therefore leaving the current flow at 6,500 cfs. Inflows in the lake are reducing, therefore the river flows are expected to decrease. The river will then continue to drop in flows each day until the river is steady at 3,000, startings typically around 3 pm each day. As for the fishing we cannot ask for anything better, as both nymph fishing and dry flies have been lights out. Our black caddis hatch is in full swing, and has made for great dry fly activity in the afternoon. We have floated the upper river the past 4 nights and have had a considerable amount of success fishing both dries, and soft hackles.

Lily with a nice bow!

Lily with a nice bow!

Nymph fishing has been producing fish with great results. Patterns such as the San Juan worm, Wire Worm, Atomic Worm, Ray charles (in pink, grey, and tan) have all been the patterns of choice. Having trailing flies imitating both black caddis, pmd’s, and sowbugs have been rather effective. Patterns such as the Dill’s Black Caddis Pupa, Poodle Sniffer, Soft hackle Peacock, Green Wire Pheasant Tail, and Olive Pheasant tail have been the most effective black caddis patterns. As for Pmd’s, many have been using the Bighorn Pmd, Wondernymph Pmd, and both tungsten and non tungsten split case pmd’s.

Black Caddis have been the most dominant out of all the hatches. With the warmer water we are experiencing consistent caddis fishing from the Afterbay all the way to Bighorn access. Patterns such as the bubble back emerger, cdc caddis, palmered caddis, and the hemingway caddis have been the best producing dry fly patterns. Ants have been rather effective, and have been used mainly as a point fly with a caddis emerger, or adult as a trailer. As for pmd’s there are a few here and there, but not enough to get excited about. Once the fish key in on Pmd’s having patterns such as the sipper emerger, cdc pmd, pmd sparkle dun, and hi vis spinner will work rather well.

As for streamers, fish are keying in on colors such as white, olive, and black. Streamers have been working best early morning and into late evening. Patterns such as the meat whistle (black, white), lil kim, t and a bunkers, peanut envys, and circus peanuts (black, white, natural, and olive) have all been catching the attention of trout.


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