Change of Pace

Change of Pace

October 10, 2016 3:23 am Published by Leave your thoughts

We’ve finally rounded the corner to a wonderful time on the Bighorn – Fall.  Constant cool temps provide for some very comfortable fishing conditions.  It’s been pretty solid fishing overall, but still a bit inconsistent on certain stretches, and certain days.  Very typical of transitioning seasons. The best news might be that the busy season is starting to wrap up and soon you should have the river to yourself!

Adrienne bow

Adrienne with a gorgeous Trico eater

Subsurface fishing continues to rule as the major fish producer.  Nymphing with the standard Sowbugs – SH Ray Charles (tan, grey 14-18), Carpet Bugs (14-16), SH Sowbugs (pink, tan 14-18) as well as a good worm selection will be your top producers.  Also, still plenty of fish on the upper 3 are stuffed full of Orange Scuds. Water temps are still warm, so fish the faster shelves, although some of the slower deeper runs are starting to show their cards.  The river below Soap Creek was a bit muddy from the past week’s rain, but is now back in great fishable shape. 

top of afterbay

We are moving into prime streamer time as well, so a variety of bugs including Sparkle Minnows, JR’s Coneheads, Peanut Envys are all our favorites right now.  There hasn’t been any specific patterns in particular, but keep away from the gigantic fly theme and you should be OK.  Dredging with tips through the middle river troughs will be a solid bet from here on out.  And no, the browns are not spawning yet!

As far as surface activity is concerned, there has been a good morning Trico Dun/Psuedo mix, some days.  When the bugs are there, expect to find pods of fish up for a good long window.  Scale down your typical BWO spring bugs to 22ish size and you will be in business – Smokejumpers, Students, Parachute Adams, typical small mayfly fare should all get the job done for you.   Some days they’re easy, some days they aren’t…



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