Cold Water and Rising Trout

Cold Water and Rising Trout

August 7, 2012 11:06 am Published by Leave your thoughts

The fishing both underneath and on top remains very good with PMD’s, Sallies, Baetis and black caddis.  Over the past few days we have also seen strong hatches of small cream midges.  We have had plenty of people coming in the shop raving about how good the dry fly fishing is and the high numbers of fish they have been catching.  We have also had other anglers coming in the shop singing the blues about fishing over pods for hours catching nothing.

Couple reasons off the top of my head for lack of success: 1.)  Not fishing the right stage of the hatch – Just because you see duns in the air, does not mean that is what the fish are eating.  Emerging nymphs trailed behind a dun in the surface film has been deadly.  The spinner falls have been excellent as well.  You have to think about what is most efficient for the fish to be eating, bugs trapped in the surface film are usually the most susceptible. 2.) Putting your fly in the trout’s feeding lane – There is so much food in the water the fish don’t have to move more than a few inches from side to side to eat.  That means your fly has to go right over there nose, anglers may not be making as good of a presentation as they think…… 3.) Fly Selection – Having the right fly counts, especially as a hatch progresses, the fish get pickier.    Have fly patterns to represent ever stage of the hatch.  If you present your fly over a fish with drag a few times and the fish is still rising, change flies and go after them again.

As if there hasn’t been enough food for the trout to eat a hatch of cream/olive midges has exploded over the past few days. This stomach sample was taken yesterday.

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