Early April Bighorn Fishing Update

Early April Bighorn Fishing Update

April 9, 2018 5:08 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Is winter over yet?? It doesn’t appear so in this little corner of MT.  Spring is trying to show up, but is having a hard time doing so.  River flows are right at 7500 cfs, but no rumor or word of more increases.  We wouldn’t doubt if they do, based on the track record.   Despite higher than average flows, April is an awesome time to be on the ‘Horn and the river is in awesome shape.

Nymphing is still the main game right now.  Pink is the color.  Pink Crush, Caviar Scud, Small Firebeads, Pink Softhackles are all doing well right now.  Midges are a close second, especially later morning and afternoons.  Rootbeer Midges, Little Uglies, Green Weenies and Zebras are all doing the job.  


Our basic selection of nymphs for this time of year

Make sure you are running plenty of length to your shot as it will make a BIG difference in hookups right now.  AT LEAST 9′ to your shot from indicator is a must.  

The calmer days still have plenty of fish up in certain ‘pockets’.  They aren’t everywhere, so watch closely.  Midges are still the staple bug, but we are seeing a few more BWO’s on the lower part of 3 to B.  Standard Bighorn midges (Smokejumpers, Griffith’s Gnats, Transitionals, or whatever you can see) are all good choices.

Streamer fishing is picking up a bit, but water temps are still a bit cold for the fish to be chasing hard.  Smaller baitfish type patterns (JR’s, Sparkle minnows) all work well now.  At least the higher flows have pushed some fish to the banks, so there are more options for streamer water.


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