Early Winter Fishing Report

Early Winter Fishing Report

December 1, 2013 1:44 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Weather here on the Bighorn has been nothing but fantastic as we have had temperatures reaching into the high 40’s and low 50’s. As we look ahead at the weather forecast for this week we are expected to receive a cold snap, which should bring for some interesting fishing weather. The crowd numbers here have been weather based, as we have had a fair amount of fishing pressure on slightly warmer days. On Thanksgiving day we were 1 0f 7 boats we had counted on the upper 3 miles!

The river has seen a rise in water flows as the Bighorn is now flowing at 2,460 cfs; the most water we have seen all season! The lake has turned over and the water has a slight green tinge, but the fishing continues to be strong. Weed conditions are getting better as the bump in flows have pushed a large portion of the weeds down river. With the increases and decreases in flows expect much of the weeds on the banks to get washed down stream.

Fall baetis have been downright insane, and have been hatching rather well in the mid mornings all the way into the late evenings. On Thanksgiving day we noticed a small number of Tricos appeared on the water, but they were soon overshadowed by the fall baetis. Midges have been hatching strong early morning and become sporadic throughout the day, and then provide great dry fly action into the evening. When looking for great dry fly action focus on the flats and pick a consistent rising fish to increase your chances.

When it comes to the nymphing focus on the basics as sow bugs, san juan worms, and small midge and baetis patterns have been working fantastic. We have been getting many questions concerning the streamer bite, and will have to say they have been very productive. Like we said in the last report switch up your streamer colors throughout the day, as well as your retrieve. As a little reminder our Brown trout are starting their spawn, as we have seen a few spawning beds throughout the river. As anglers lets respect them and leave the spawning beds undisturbed.

Nymphs Soft hackle Ray Charles (Pink, Grey, Tan 14-18), Poxy back Sow bugs (Grey 14-18), Tungteasers, Basic Zebras 18-20, Baetis (Olive, Black Wonder nymphs, JuJu’s, Quill nymphs 18-20) San Juan Worms (12-16)

Dry Fly- Hi Vis parachute BWO, CDC BWO biot dun, Sipper Emerger, Student, and the CDC Transitional Midge 18-20, Griffiths Gnat(20-22)

Streamers- Bloom’s MRS buggers, Black and Sculpin Sparkle Minnows, Sculpzillas, White and natural Zonkers,  and Conehead JJ specials. Have a variety of colors!


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