Fall Arrives on the Bighorn

Fall Arrives on the Bighorn

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Fall is making its presence in the Bighorn Valley.  You wouldn’t know it by how warm it has been lately, but the Cottonwoods are showing their colors.  Our big cool down and rain this past week definitely put a hold on the fantastic Trico fishing we were experiencing. Some spinner clouds are showing back up, but it was not what it was, and hopefully will rebuild with the upcoming nice weather.

For the dry fly guys Psuedocloens have kept fish looking up in the afternoons, especially in the upper 3.  Make sure you have a variety of tiny 22-24 Parachutes, CDC cripple and spinner patterns to match these guys, preferably hi vis!  Look for the fish to be very spooky in the high sun as well.  The terrestrial fishing has also been pretty decent.  Hoppers and ants are still getting their fair share of eats and more so in the afternoons.  Blooms Ants (black), Hamburglers and Mini Chubbies (purple, black) are about all you will need.

skinny brown

Good new for fish counters – the nymphing is getting really good again.  We are dealing with some grass in the river and there has been a slight more tinge of green, but that hasn’t slowed the fish down from eating.  San Juan Worms in Wine and Tan (10, 12) trailed with a sowbug (SH Ray Charles – Tan, Grey 14-18), Tungteasers, Orange Scuds (12-14) are all getting fish right now.  Focus still on the faster water with gravel bottom and you will find the fish!

Streamer fans, get ready!  It has been pretty solid, but, I would stick to the cloudier weather if you can pick your days.  Fish are coming out of all kinds of water – Middle river, 6″ deep water, banks, tail outs, try it all!  Lil’ Kim (4) is the bug of choice.  Coming in second is JR’s Coneheads in Tan, Sparkle Minnows in Sculpin (6) and Sparkle minnow UV black as the second pick. Floating lines are still the best for a wide variety of fishable areas, while tips are best for the middle river troughs.  It’s just going to get better!

Looking into the future week we are expected to have great weather.  October is an excellent time to come to the Bighorn.  Catch some fish, shoot some birds, everything is open now and there couldn’t be a better place to do it all.

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