Fall Changes on the Bighorn River

Fall Changes on the Bighorn River

October 6, 2017 3:15 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

There are many good times to fish the Bighorn River, however there are times where we say there are times you don’t want to be here, and unfortunately, this is one of them.  The Lake turnover has started and our summer grass is breaking loose, making for less than ideal water conditions.  Luckily, the streamer fishing continues to be a saving grace and the nymphing is good enough to keep it interesting.

As far as nymphing, fishing from the boat has not been as good as wading.  The fish are still pretty held up in faster shelf-type water.  Orange Scuds, Sowbugs and small worms will be your best bet.  Stick to a grass-free spot and you will be in business.

Great streamer fishing continues and will get better as we move toward November.  Smaller (4-6) standard bugger type patterns and mini articulated bugs are your best options.  Our top colors have been black or olive.  Still no need for a sink tip, but soon the fish will move back into the deeper trenches, where you can really capitalize with one.  

Our discounted rates start at the end of the month for lodging and guide trips.  Give us a call an we’ll get you set up!

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