Fishing Update

Fishing Update

March 15, 2010 1:49 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Signs of spring have arrived in Montana.  The weather continues to slide between spring and winter.  The warmer weather has provided us with some great early season fishing.
Cheers for now.  I will be posting weekly reports, so come back and visit often.

The dry fly fishing on the Bighorn has been very good.  Midges are the name of the game, look for single midges early on, then key in on clustering and mating midges as the hatch progresses.  Baetis hatches have been mixed in with the more dominant midge hatches.

This time of year fish your nymphs deep and slow.  Certain runs on the river have fish stacked up, waiting for a fly to hit them in the face.  Fish your nymphs slow and wait for your bobber to twitch. Scuds are a favorite this time of year(orange and pink)  whether the trout are taking them as scuds or as an egg is irrelevant as long as there responding to them. As always fish your usual assortment of midges and sowbugs, such as red midge larva and ray charles.

I like to fish streamers this time of year on an intermediate sink tip.  A slower strip is typically better.  Work the whole river and you’ll get em. 

This is a great time of year to be on the Bighorn, take advantage of the early spring-like weather.

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