Flows Finally Down on the Bighorn

Flows Finally Down on the Bighorn

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Dropping like a rock (sort of) on the Bighorn right now.  Flows are finally down around the 4K mark, which has been a sign of relief after this summer of more than enough water.  There is some grass in the system, which is typical for this time of year, but is very manageable.  We’re hoping for a second push of bugs as the current hatches have waned but it’s more promising every day!

Early Start

Still a few lingering Tricos here and there but nothing like it was.  Expect at least an increase in Psuedo mayfly activity.  Some people are seeing more caddis buzzing around, but we’ll have to see what these new low flows bring.  Keep your eyes open in the AM hours and you’ll find some fish here and there.

The bobber bite has been the way to go lately and has been quite a bit more consistent than previous weeks.  Most fish are focused on a Sowbug diet so stick to Ray Charles type patterns and you’ll do just fine.  They’re eating the odd worm here and there as well.  

Streamers have been good most days, although with the flows getting lower, it is not fishing like it was.  Think smaller bugs as the water flows decrease and clarity gets better – Thin Mints, Mini Leeches, small buggers, etc.  

Morrish pile

Have lots of these!

Hoppers are around and we’re catching a few fish on them but not gangbusters, yet.  There have been some cropdusters in the area which may affect the hopper numbers this year, but there are quite a few found near the banks of the river.  Pink or tan is a good color to start with.  Our favorites are Morrish hoppers, White cloud and parachute hoppers.  A little twitching helps as well at times. 


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