Gear Review: Beulah Platinum Series Fly Rods

Gear Review: Beulah Platinum Series Fly Rods

January 16, 2012 8:11 am Published by 1 Comment

Beulah Platinum Series fly rods

Beulah Fly Rods

Beulah Platinum Series fly rods offer anglers the ultimate in design, performance and classic good looks at an incredible price. Unlike other companies that design a series of rods from 3 weight to 10 weight that flex and perform in the same way, each rod in the Platinum series incorporates it’s own unique taper and “feel” perfectly designed to perform specific functions in each line weight.

As a member of the Beulah Pro Staff I find that two rods in particular are perfectly suited to meet the challenges of the Bighorn Rivers most demanding fishing conditions. The 8’8″ 4 weight is my go to rod for match the hatch dry fly fishing on the Bighorn River. Most of my dry fly fishing on the Bighorn is done in a down and across manner incorporating a reach cast at 20 to 35 feet or straight downstream using a tuck cast, then feeding slack line. The Beulah Platinum Series 4 weight performs these presentations beautifully and effortlessly. In addition to being light in hand, the  Beulah 8’8″ 4 weight  loads quickly, tracks beautifully, allows anglers to produce stealthy dry fly presentations using dry flies in sizes 16 -24.

The 9’6″ 6 weight seems as if it should be called the “Bighorn” model. This rod was designed perfectly to meet the challenges of nymph fishing the Bighorn River. Whether drifting indicator nymph rigs from the boat or sight nymphing big browns in a shallow riffle the 9’6″ platinum series 6 weight will get it done. The additional 6 inches of length provides anglers with the extra leverage they need to manipulate their fly line and perform effective mends, creating a flawless drag free fish catching drifts.

In addition to being and exceptional nymph fishing rod, this Beulah six weight performs double duty as an excellent streamer rod. It handles weighted flies and sink tip lines with ease. When pounding the banks in rapid succession with weighted flies and sink tip lines this 9’6″ rod allows the angler to quickly break the surface tension of the water load their rod and get their fly back into another fishy looking lie.

The Beulah Platinum series offers two rod models that are perfectly suited to every fishing situation the Bighorn can throw at you and at a price that fits everyone’s equipment budget. You can get both of these platinum series rods, for the price of one high end rod from other companies!  When you’re in the market for a new rod for your next Bighorn trip, take a look at the Beulah Platinum series fly rods, you wont’ be disappointed!

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Beulah Platinum Series Being Tested on Armstrong's Spring Creek

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  • sam says:

    The Beulah Fly Rods are not at all what they appear to be. At first glance appear to be top notch rods, but are nothing better than a Walmart model.
    I do not recommend them. The company does not stand behind their product and any attempt at using customer service to resolve any problems will leave you frustrated and out of luck.
    Just ask BBB, some research showed them to have a D- rating, I wasn’t surprised to see 2 complaints.

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