Meet your Guides

Built by Guides that Love to Fish as Much as you do

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    John Sindland

    Bighorn Angler Head Guide

    John Sindland is one of the best technical anglers on the Bighorn. His unique charisma, patience and knowledge of just about everything make him a joy to spend a day on the river with. When John is not guiding he is an avid bird hunter. John is a Simms Ambassador, as well as a member of the Hardy pro staff.

  • Kerry Erickson

    Bighorn Angler Guide

    You won’t find a guide more patient or friendly on the Bighorn as Kerry. He has spent countless hours on the water chasing trout on the fly and it shows in his guiding. His boxes are stuffed full of custom patterns from many long hours at the vice.  Despite being a fan of Busch Lite, Kerry is one of the more sought after guides on the Bighorn River

  • George Young

    Bighorn Angler Guide

    A George’s passion for fly fishing and uncanny patience makes him one of the best instructors on the river. Whether a beginner that has never touched a fly rod or an experienced angler, a day on the water with George will make you a better angler. When not guiding the Bighorn, George enjoys bird hunting and snowboarding.


  • Ronnie Coffey

    Bighorn Angler Guide

    Many of you recognize Ronnie as an integral part of the Bighorn Angler Fly Shop, but he’s also a hell of a good Bighorn fishing guide for growing up in the back of a UHAUL in Mississippi.  A day fishing with Ronnie is always full of laughter, great jokes and of course, fish!

  • Bryen Venema

    Bighorn Angler Guide

    Bryen has been with the Bighorn Angler since 2013.  He is a versatile guide willing to fish streamers, nymphs, or dry flies on any given day.  Finding a fly in his box that he didn’t tie is rare.  Bryen is one of our most requested guides on the Bighorn River for good reason!



Bighorn Angler Guide

Born and raised in Montana, Jake left his hometown of Stevensville to pursue a guiding career on the Bighorn.  Jake knows the ins and outs of the Bighorn whether it be fishing dries, nymphs or streamers.  As one of the hardest working and ‘fishiest’ young guides on the Bighorn, you’ll have a great day in his boat!

  • Pete Shanafelt

    Owner & Outfitter

    Pete has been guiding for the past 20 years throughout Montana and Idaho.  He settled on the Bighorn River in 2012 and now calls it home with his family of Labradors.  He is a signature fly tyer for Umpqua Feather Merchants and helps develop a lot of the custom Bighorn River fly patterns you see in the shop.  He can usually be found in a duck blind in the off season.