Hopper Time

Hopper Time

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It’s that time of year on the Bighorn where the trout are looking up for the meal from the fields – Hoppers.  Although as not as crazy as some years in the past, it’s still good enough and worth the time and effort.  It is also more fun than watching a bobber all day, right?

Obviously the banks of the Bighorn hold likely hopper eating trout, but also many of the gravely flats where you see the random rises are worth paying special attention to.  At the current water temps, these fish are holding in some very fast, skinny water.  A hopper with the right drift over these areas will produce results.  Not all hopper eating fish live on the banks!  Also, experiment with movement on your bugs.  Often times a twitching bug will get more attention than the standard dead drift.

Carry a wide variety of colors and sizes.  Pink and tan are consistent colors, but remember, there are many shades to both of these colors.  Our standard sized hopper is about a 10.  When fish really get going on them, patterns as large as a 6 will often produce eats from some of the bigger fish. However, on the other side of the spectrum, the more patterns these fish see as the season goes on, the more selective they can get.  This is where the mini 12 and 14 hoppers have their place.

Our top hopper patterns for this season include: Morrish Hopper (pink, tan 8-14), Parachute hopper (8-12), Mongo Hopper (peach, tan 8-12) and Whitecloud Hopper (peach, tan 8-12).  Check out our full selection at our store here.

Carry a wide variety of hoppers and terrestrials this time of year.

Carry a wide variety of hoppers and terrestrials this time of year.

Lastly, do not overlook the hoppers’ cousins – Ants and Beetles.  An equally important food item on the menu.  Often times trailing on of these off the back of your favorite hopper will oftenproduce better results than the hoppers themselves.

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