Long Overdue Fishing Report

Long Overdue Fishing Report

August 18, 2010 6:20 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Dale From PA With a Nice Hopper Brown

I apologize for the lack of fishing report I was up in British Columbia fishing in the Fernie Area. Over the past two weeks the river has seen some dramatic changes due to the amount of aquatic vegetation. The upper 3 miles is choked up with weeds all the way to the surface. The further down river you go the less weeds there are and at this point the weeds are not breaking up so floating grass is not a big issue. The vegatation in the riverbed has pushed the water up and out and has dramatically slowed the flow of the river. The fish are stacked in the riffles even more so now and on the edges of the river where the weeds are not as bad. The boat fishing with nymph rigs has not been great, but wade fishing with a hopper dropper or standard bobber rig in the riffles has been very effective. There are still black caddis especially in the upper river along with pseudos present in good numbers. There have been tricos and tan caddis emergences in the lower river down to two leggins and hoppers have been good river wide. The river is still giving up some great fishing, fish a little bit harder, try some new areas and adjust your expectations and a great day can be had.


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