Midges – Bighorn River Hatch Information

Midges – Bighorn River Hatch Information

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Diptera - Adult Midge - All midges have two wings

Bighorn River Midge Information

Midges are the bread and butter of any tailwater fishery, with the Bighorn being no exception. While midges are available to the trout all year, their presence to the fly fisher is most important in late winter and early spring. Hatches on the Bighorn seem to be best in early to mid morning, with single adult midges bringing trout to the surface.  In late morning and early afternoon look for midge adults to cluster.  Midge clusters are especially susceptible to trout.  The midge hatch can overlap the Blue Winged Olive hatch and you may find pods of fish that are eating both insects.

Carry imitations of larva, pupa and adult midges in black, red, olive, cream & brown.
Hatch: Year Round  Best: December – March
Bighorn River Fishing Tip:  Carry a seine and stomach pump to properly match the color & size of your imitation with what the trout are eating.

Bighorn river fly fishing

Brown that fell for a midge dry

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