New Shop Bugs 2015

New Shop Bugs 2015

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My favorite time of the year is to look back through all my guide flies and make the decision for which new patterns I’m going to bulk up in my boxes for next year and which patterns we are going to add to our fly bin arsenal. Let’s face it, there is not a whole lot of originality these days in fly patterns, but there are some cool variations brought about. I have gone through my boat, boxes, truck visor and flies stuck in the wall at the shop to come up with a list of these bugs. These nymphs are available in our shop and each bug is linked to our online shop.

Lucent Bead Zebra Midge: MFC has had a cult following since they released the Lucent Tungsten beads a few years back. Now, this is no groundbreaking pattern, but rather a different color scheme than you may be used to seeing. This bug crushed fish this past spring when fish were dialed in on cream midge larva.

Lucent Zebra

Bighorn Emerging Baetis: This bug was in the shop for part of last year, but was a sleeper. A lot of people are missing out on this pattern! Best used during the Spring as the day warms up and the Baetis nymphs start to get active. This is an awesome pre-hatch bug.


Purple Chewee Scud: This scud imitation was brought to us by one of our buddies who guides on the Grey Reef section of the North Platte. Purple has become a popular color the past few years and this traditional style of scud pattern has a whole new change of style. I fished this bug a lot last year during early summer and it worked awesome when the fish were on the Scud as well as Sowbug program. This is sure to be a hit on tailwaters across the West.

Chewee scud

Pete’s Carpet Bug: I wanted to develop a more rigid Sowbug pattern that would hold its form underwater and after having fish eat the pattern multiple times. I came up with my version of the old school carpet bug and added a few features to make it one of the most durable patterns I have fished. This was my best Sowbug imitation of 2014.

Carpet Bug

JR’s Conehead: Originally tied by Riverborn flies, this has always been one of our favorite streamers for the Bighorn.   The JR’s is not a new pattern but rather a pattern that never got a ton of publicity, but we have found a new source for them and the streamer bins are stuffed with them this season.  Trust us, they are easier to buy than tie. Unless you like dealing with epoxy.

JRs silver

CDC X Caddis: This Black caddis pattern is a simple pattern, but the fish seem to love the shuck on this bug. When our standard adult patterns would get refusals, this little guy kept getting the eats.   This Caddis covers both the adult and emerging pupa.

cdc x caddis

Bighorn Dip: A simple midge pattern, this is a twist on the traditional Serendipity. We have this tied on a 200R curved hook for a bit of a different appearance. The red is a great version for our red larva and the black has a tinge of orange on the head to imitate that of an ascending midge pupa.

bighorn dip blk

Downey Dun: This is the original mayfly dun pattern that has been copied but commercial fly companies, but never perfectly matched. Available in a BWO version and a Trico version, these are sure to be one of your favorite imitations for these hatches. The poly wing keeps this bug floating forever and an imitation that is very easy to see.

Downey BWO


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