Rene Harrop Book Review

Rene Harrop Book Review

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Rene Harrop Book Review
Learning From The Water & TroutHunter

I don’t know if there is one person in the rocky mountain west who has influenced modern fly fishing more than Rene Harrop. Reading his books will simply make you a better fly fisherman. His sense of observation and insight into the relationship between trout and angler is second to none. Rene ties together stories about his river experience, angling tecniques and innovative fly tying to provide the reader with years of invaluable insight. Both books are packed with high quality photos, prints of his original drawings and fly patterns with recipes.

His first book Trout Hunter is currently out of print and can still be found at some fly shops throughout the country. His newest book Learning From The Water was released this year and can be purchased from any major book dealer or directly fron Rene at His books would make a great edition to any holiday wish list and do wonders in getting you through to spring when you can’t put your new knowledge into use.

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