Scott A4 9′ 6″ 6 wt

Scott A4 9′ 6″ 6 wt

May 14, 2014 8:11 am Published by 2 Comments

What guy doesn’t fantasize about another six inches?

With the Scott A4 9’ 6” 6 wt, you can get it and it enhances the function of your rod!

Why would you want the Scott A4 9’ 6” 6wt? Western rivers, the Bighorn River included, have a lot of water to cover and if you choose to do that with nymphs, this is the rod for the job.

Scott says the rod has a medium-fast action and I would agree with that. It has a nice blend of softness and power. You don’t need or really want a super fast action rod for bombing split shot. The medium fast action lets you casually lob a nice moderate open loop. It does it so well that when I handed the rod to someone who was using one of those old fashioned 9 foot 6 weights, he said, “This casts too easy.”

When a boat with a female occupant goes by, it has the backbone to really throw some line so you can show off your manly casting skills where your weak 9 foot rod will get crushed, making you look foolish. Women will dig the extra six inches also.

One thing I love about using a rod with a little more length and the right action is you can roll cast 20-40 feet of line with split shot on it so you don’t wear your shoulder out back casting all day. Finish your drift and just zing the line back up and start fishing again without all that time consuming casting. I was punching out 40 feet roll casts with no problem with the Scott A4 9’ 6” 6 wt. The more time your flies are in front of fish, the more time they have to eat them.

The rod isn’t so powerful that you have to cast a lot of line. Pull a bunch back in and high-stick or Euro-nymph the run right at your feet. This rod will work with a short amount of line as easily as it will throw to the middle of the river.

A lot of rods at this length feel heavy. The Scott A4 feels very nice. It’s not so light it feels like you could break it trying to get a few extra feet on your cast, but also not heavy so you don’t feel like you are casting a broom stick all day. I call it the perfect nymphing stick.  At $395 and made in the USA, it is hard to argue with that.

“An awesome rod for the money.” – BA Head Guide David Palmer

While I was testing the Scott A4 I decided to try the new 3 – Tand TF series reels at the same time.  This reel nearly stole the show! I’m not much of a reel geek, but the 3-Tand TF-70 that I tested is the reel deal. I grew up when Mohammad Ali, George Foreman and Joe Frazier ruled the ring, so I’m a pugilist. I like to fight fish with my hands and don’t really give a turd about what’s holding my line while it’s on the rod.

That being said, the 3-Tand is probably the sweetest reel I’ve ever used.

It is incredibly light and the drag is super smooooooooooth. I find this more useful fishing light tippet to rising fish but others could appreciate the drag if they used it for carp so they could find out what “getting a fish on the reel” really means.

One feature I absolutely love about this reel is there is very little stiction (sticky + friction) when you start to reel up slack. As a guide, you watch people lose fish all the time when they try to reel up slack and stop paying attention to the rod and fish. With the 3-Tand, you can use the old saltwater tactic of just spinning the reel with your line hand to pick up feet of line instead of three inches of line. Without the stiction, this reel SPINS and picks up loads of slack quickly so if you want to get a fish on the reel, you can.

Another great feature is it has the performance of all the high end reels at half the price.

Put the A4 and 3-Tand together and you have the perfect nymphing setup.


  • Sensitive tip and powerful butt section
  • High quality finish and craftsmanship
  • Turns over indicator rigs like a dream
  • A great value at $395
  • Made in the USA!


  • Slightly heavy in hand compared to other rods

– Bighorn Angler Head Guide David Palmer

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  • George says:

    Great review! What line do you think pairs best with the 9’6″ 6wt A4 for fishing the bighorn?

    • mtangler says:


      A Rio Grand would be a good all around rod for that rod. If you were going to focus on nymph fishing then the Rio Indicator II line or Airflo Kelly Galloup Nymph line would be good.



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