Scuds – Bighorn River Fishing Information

Scuds – Bighorn River Fishing Information

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Bighorn River Scud Fishing Information

Scud - Freshwater Shrimp

Scuds are a freshwater crustacean that are a key component to the bighorn river trouts diet.  Scuds provide a high level of protein year round and aid in the tremendous growth rate of the Bighorn’s Trout.

I find the Scud most effective during early spring and again during high water.  During high water these relatively large morsels flush into the water column and fish gorge.  I have caught trout in June with mouthfuls of scuds.

A Scud can be an effective point fly and attractor anytime of the year on the Bighorn.

Effective Colors: Grey, Pink, Orange

Sizes: 12 -16

Scuds are a major part of a trout's diet on the Bighorn

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