Spring is Almost Here?

Spring is Almost Here?

March 3, 2014 9:57 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Wow.  We just got hit by a major storm here in the Bighorn Valley.  I just put a tape to the snow out side and we have had about 17″ in the past 48 hours.  So far our snowpack is looking excellent (150% ish).  Expect some variation in flows and some awesome fishing for the remainder of the season.  We will see what the rest of late winter/early spring will bring.

Are there people crazy enough to fish in this -34 (with windchill) weather? Yep.

Are there people crazy enough to fish in this -34 (with windchill) weather? Yep.

We are looking at a warmup mid-next week.  Temps will come back up to livable conditions and fishing will actually become a viable option.  The fishing has actually been very good this past week before we got the bomb dropped on us.  Not a whole lot of surface activity, but nymphing and streamer fishing has been enough to keep you entertained.  Usual suspects like Firebead Ray Charles in pink and grey, Black Zebra Midges, Red midge larvae, Pink Softhackles and general small midge pupa/larvae are working well.  Same story with streamers.  Good overall, but varies day to day, so experiment with color and retrieve.  Think middle of the river flats and slow deep water.  Fishing with sink tips is key.

Getting creative when you can't back your truck down the ramp

Getting creative when you can’t back your truck down the ramp

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