The Bighorn Is Starting to Come Back!

The Bighorn Is Starting to Come Back!

October 25, 2018 11:35 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Sorry for the hiatus on reports.  (I was up the past 2 weeks chasing steelhead around Northern BC) 

Well the Bighorn water temps have finally dropped down into the mid 50’s and our fish seem to be pretty happy.  We are dealing with a bit of grass (less than previous weeks) and the clarity is still somewhat of an issue.  Needless to say the Bighorn Trout are back on the bite and the crowds are light, which should be good enough reason to come and fish!

IMG_2061 2

As you can see, water clarity is not ideal, but the fish are ok with it!

Our guides have been out on the upper river mainly and fish are still liking the Worm/Orange scud combo.  Small tan Sowbugs (Rays, Carpet Bugs) are a good trailer option as well.  The fish are still fairly concentrated to the deeper, middle parts of runs, so don’t expect them to be everywhere.  

Streamer fishing is picking up with the cooler temps, but is not yet ‘on fire’.  Give it another cold snap in weather and it should be game on.  If you are into the streamer deal, smaller leech/bugger type patterns (Thin Mints, Krystal buggers, JR’s coneheads) are the goods. No need for sink tips yet as you can pull fish out of the skinny insides still.

We have received several compliments on keeping the reports honest as to how the fall has been tougher than normal on the ‘Horn.  We have all been there and realize a lot of you travel long distances to come experience the great fishing the Bighorn offers.  We are lucky to have one of the most healthy and sustainable rivers in the world, so it’s just a matter of time before it’s back to normal, and it’s good thing it’s heading that way!  A big thanks to all of you customers out there who support the river and the Bighorn Angler!


And finally, here are some pics for you chromer fans out there of our recent trip:

IMG_2023 IMG_2030

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