The Dirty Red

The Dirty Red

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The Dirty Red is a quintessential Bighorn River streamer pattern.  Mention the name to any Bighorn guide who has been here for a while and they all have a story involving this great pattern. Developed by the late Bighorn guide Kenny Schneider, this mangy streamer gets the job done when a lot of standard bugs are not producing.

A modern Dirty Red (top) and the O.G. Schneider Dirty Purple (bottom).

A modern Dirty Red (top) and the O.G. Schneider Dirty Purple (bottom).

Essentially a Muddler based pattern, the Dirty Red adds Bucktail for a solid profile and a solid fly structure that moves water.  Think Clouser Minnow meets Muddler Minnow.   The trick to tying this bug is not a perfectly clipped hair head, but a very rough cut shape.  This allows the bug to ‘swim’ better in the water and just works better.

The most popular color, hence the name, is the Black/Red combination.  We really like the Purple/Black combination also as an alternate color.  Add a little flash or leave it bland, it’s up to you.  It all seems to work.

Fish this bug with a good weighted tip as the fly itself has no weight and similar to a Zoo Cougar or Muddler, this bug swims better with the weight of a tip.  The Dirty red is an equally effective trailer fly, as it is light and easy to cast.  Give one a shot the next time you’re down here on the Bighorn.  We’ve got them tied up in own version at the shop, or they are also available on our online store.

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