The Last Days Of Fall

The Last Days Of Fall

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It has been unseasonably warm for the month of November so far.  All is about to change as we lead into our first glimpse of early winter. It is quickly becoming a ghost town in the small community of Fort Smith as our 2014 season has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean there still isn’t some great fishing to be had.

We are planning on keeping our rooms and cabins open through the end of the month.  The only remaining food option around town is the Tailwater resort, about 12 miles North of town,  So pack accordingly….

The Bighorn water quality is still not the crystal clear late season river we are used to, but the fish do not seem to mind.  The river has a green tinge to it and drifting grass is still found on the whole river. The lower you go, the worse, but still very manageable for any technique of fishing you desire.


Strawn D. hooked up in the Duck Blind Channel

Streamer fishing has been very good, and will continue to get better as we approach December. The best technique has been dredging the middle trenches of the river with fast sinking tips.  Productive flies range from large articulated Peanut Envys and Circus Peanuts to standard Conehead Krystal Buggers and Zonkers.  Hot colors continue to be Olive, Yellow, Black and White.  Just switch up bugs until you find your best color/size/motion of pattern.

Our Dry Fly fishing remains pretty quiet.  A few lingering Psuedos are found and you will see some fish here and there up on them.  We fished down low this past week and saw a fair amount of fall Baetis, but not enough to get the fish going.  We’re not expecting to see much more for the remainder of fall.

For any of you who have not received our newsletter, here it is. Get out here while the weather is still good and get some fishing in!

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