Top Spring Midge Patterns – Red/Black Midge

Top Spring Midge Patterns – Red/Black Midge

March 26, 2015 1:37 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The Red/Black Midge is a Bighorn guide favorite that has been kept stashed away in local fly shop bins until the past few years.  This deadly midge pattern is always one of our top picks during the Spring months as we are seeing both black and red midge larva in stomach samples.  It’s very easy to tie, but there is a trick to get the appropriate underbody.


Hook: Heavy Scud size 18, 20

Thread: Black 8/0

Body: Micro Stretch Tubing (red)

Bead: Glass bead X-small crystal pearl

Note: To get appropriate underbody, tie stretch tubing back along body with large thread gaps and then wrap forward, creating an ‘x’ wrap underbody.  For thorax portion, build up black thread under wraps.  Finished product should look like a red body transitioning to a black thorax.

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