Video: How to set up an Indicator Nymph rig for the Bighorn River

Video: How to set up an Indicator Nymph rig for the Bighorn River

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We are asked by customers coming into the fly shop all the time if we could show them how to properly set up a two fly indicator nymph rig for fishing the Bighorn River. Well we finally took the hint and produced an in depth video on how to do just that.

What you will need

9′ 3x leader – the preference here is  your own. We prefer a Rio nylon leader(No need for expensive fluorocarbon leaders)

Strike indicator –  We like medium and small sized Thingamabobbers.

Split shot – Yellow and Orange Super Doux assortments. You will then have sizes size 3/0 all the way down to size 6 shot, perfect for any situation on the Bighorn River.

Fluorocarbon Tippet – We strongly prefer Trouthunter Fluorocarbon tippet here at the Bighorn Angler. Trouthunter provides amazing knot strength and abrasion resistance. When nymph fishing the Bighorn you will need tippet in sizes 3x – 5x.

Flies – Be prepared with an assortment of Bighorn River fly patterns depending on the time of year you will be fishing.

All of these products are available at our online store


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