What’s Happening on the Bighorn?

What’s Happening on the Bighorn?

June 21, 2017 6:10 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

3mile pullout

It appears as flows are stable on the river right at 9200 cfs.  Water clarity could be better, but the algae is clearing up a bit, which is always good news.  Traffic isn’t too bad either for this ‘transition’ period on the Bighorn – transition into summer, that is.  Our water temps are a bit higher than we like to see, from a hatch perspective.  Meaning, we are already seeing Black Caddis and a few PMD’s.  Expect a hault on this once flows drop back down and water temps recede, hopefully saving some bugs for our summer crowd.

Nymphing is still the way to go.  The worm bite is still really good on the entire river.  Standard bugs – Wire worms, San Juans, Atomic Worms.  Any general Sowbug patterns – Rays, Firebeads in tan, pink or grey (14-16) are good trailers to have.  There are a handful of fish starting to key into the caddis pupa.  An Olive Pheasant tail or Poodle Sniffer works great for these fish.  Our guides are running 8′ from indicator to weight, and a couple of decent sized shot.  

Since the water has stabilized the fish have settled into a few more spots and the streamer fishing has been really solid. Still some minnows flushing through the dam, so any white or grey baitfish type patterns are key.  Contrasting double streamer rigs (white/black, white/olive) has been a good thing to throw as well.

Dry fly fishing is just around the corner.  In fact, some evenings have been pretty good.  Black caddis are getting attention of some fish and they aren’t too smart, yet.  Expect a little solitude as well in the evening. 

blk cad bryens boat

Black Caddis making an earlier than normal appearance this Summer

No word on exact future flows but it’s gotta go down at some point!  Inflows into the Wyoming side of the lake are still up in the 17-19K range, so hopefully the people in charge are sharp on their math skills!


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