Yellow Sally – Bighorn River Hatch Information

Yellow Sally – Bighorn River Hatch Information

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Bighorn River Yellow Sally Hatch


Yellow Sally

Yellow Sallies are sight to see flying through the air. The fish take them well.

Yellow Sallies are the only stonefly we fish on the Bighorn and hatch in June and July.  This hatch typically overlaps and coincides with the Pale Morning Dun hatch.  The Yellow Sallies on the Bighorn have a prominent red section on the rear of their abdomen.

Fly patterns in the size 12 – 16 range match the naturals the best.
Bighorn River Fishing Tip:  The nymph stage isn’t a real factor to the angler on the Bighorn, fish the hatch with a low riding dry.

bighorn river yellow sally

Yellow Sally Adult

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