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Bighorn Fishing Update July 25

It’s starting to happen!  The dry fly game is just about on.  PMD’s, Black and Tan Caddis are increasing in numbers, and finally, it’s that time.  It will only get better from here on out.

The Fish are looking as good as they have in years and there are some BIG ONES out there right now.  Make sure you have a good drag on your reel, because these fish are putting them to the test as water temps are coming up.

There are some dandys out there!

A to 3 remains the most consistent stretch of river, but also the most traffic.  Still some drifting old vegetation below 3 Mile, but the fish are big down there.  They’re not everywhere, so keep moving unless you find a good bucket or shelf full of fish.

We’re still having stellar nymphing on the entire river.  Sowbugs are the main meal (Pete’s Carpet Bug, Rays, Jellybeans), but we’re getting more and more fish on PMD and Caddis patterns.  You can’t beat the good ol’ Pheasant tail or Hare’s ear this time of year.  More exact imitations like Split Cases, JuJu’s and Poxy Back PMD’s are working well.

We’re seeing good hopper fishing too on most days

If you haven’t made your reservation or plans to get to the Bighorn for prime Summer fishing, now is the time to do so.  We’re looking at August to be rockin’!