Bighorn River Fishing Report 4/23

Our buddy Erik Myre with specimen from a few days ago

It’s go time on the Bighorn! Our Spring has kicked off and many anglers are enjoying the weather and fishing.  It’s been good overall, but definitely somewhat spotty.  The flows have been on the rise and projected to cap off around 6000 CFS this week.  The river is cold and clear and a bit of drifting moss below 3 Mile, but not too bad!  There are plenty of good wade spots, although they are getting a bit smaller with the increased flows.

For the most part, it’s a nymphing game out there.  Sowbugs and Baetis nymphs are the norm these days.  Jellybeans, Red Bead Rays, Firebead Rays, Quills, Perdigons, Tailwater Sows and a variety of Grey and Tan bodied Sows are getting it done.  Fish deep and heavier with the higher flow and a good drift will beat changing fly patterns in most cases!

Our Dry fly fishing has been delayed with the slight decrease in water temps.  We are seeing LOTS of midges and a good window of Baetis later in the day.  You’ll find some fish up here and there, especially late in the day or cloudy days.  It’s probably a week or 2 away from good, solid dry fly fishing.