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Bighorn River Fishing Report May 5

The Bighorn has been very consistent lately.  Consistent in the fact that the fishing is great one day, then tough the next.  The good news is there have been more good days than tough ones.  It’s been busy out there as everyone is looking to land some of the beastly fish coming out of the river.  We’re still blown away by the healthiness and amount of big fish this season!

With the last push of water we received, the temps have decided to cool down making for not very many fish willing to rise to the abundant Midges and Baetis.  There are plenty of bugs on the surface in the afternoons, but very few fish up looking for them.  Maybe next week?…

So, we’re left with nymphing…  Not much new on this end.  Sowbugs, Midges and Baetis nymphs are the staple patterns.  Carpet bugs, Tailwater Sows, SH Sowbugs, LBF’s, Green Weenies, Quills and various other midge patterns are getting it done.

Water levels should stay stable for a while until the high elevation snowmelt begins.  For now, the Bighorn is in fantastic shape!