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Bighorn River Update – Yes, the River is Open


The Crow Tribe has instituted a great deal of confusion with a recent order indicating they intend to set up roadblocks to turn away non-residents and close the lake and river accesses.In spite of their directive, we have not seen the tribe attempt to interfere in any way with traffic coming down highway 313.  All lake and river access points are OPEN.

Further, the reality is the Tribe cannot block a state highway or any public road.  Nor can the tribe close any River Access points on the Bighorn River.  The National Park service owns and manages Afterday and Three Mile access and has 100% jurisdiction, and the State (FWP) manages Bighorn Access.  The reasons these entities closed the access points in the Spring was because of county and state directives in conjunction with tribal.
Early in the spring there were no tribal law enforcement at any of these checkpoints anyway.  They were simply hired members of the tribe.  Even if they were BIA or tribal police there is nothing they would be able to do to ticket, stop, or in any other way interfere with any travel through the road for any non-tribal member even if they wanted to.
We will let you know if the situation changes but for now just keep on truckin’.
DRY FLY HEAVEN on the Bighorn right now.  LOTS of PMD’s and Black Caddis later in the day.  From noon’ until dark expect to find fish up.  The upper 3 has been the most consistent for playing the game.
Underneath, the fish are eating very well from late morning through early afternoon.  Sowbugs, PMD nymphs and Caddis pupa are the main food supply.  Fish are in just about every type of water as well, making for both great wade and boat fishing.  The entire river has been solid!
Get out here NOW if you’re looking for some great fishing!