Mother’s Day Weekend Fishing Update

Great water and weather conditions are on tap for our region, so don’t forget to take Mom fishing this weekend! The fishing been a bit day-to-day overall and really depends on who you talk to.  Many of the guides are doing great, but of course have their programs ‘dialed.’  Water temps are slowly climbing in the right direction and this week of warm weather should definitely help!

Nymphing is still the most productive method out there. Some fish are looking for Baetis nymphs and midges, but most fish are eating Sowbugs still.  Keep your patterns in the tan/light pink spectrum and you’ll be good.  Carpet Bugs, Jellybeans, Softhackle Rays, (size 14-18) the usual suspects…

Fish were up on Baetis in pretty good numbers with the last spell of cool, drizzly weather.   They’re not liking the sun too much this year!  Keep this in mind while picking your dry fly days.   The fish that are up have been fairly picky so keep your bugs sparse and well presented.  Dill’s Duns, Smokejumpers, CDC Sparkle Duns, Schelle’s Cripple are good picks.  It continues to get better each week and looks like we might be in for a later than normal Spring dry fly window.

We at the Angler hope you all have a great weekend and get some fishing in!!