August 1 Bighorn River Flow Update

We just got word last night flows will continue dropping on the Bighorn until Sunday, at which point we should be around the 4000 CFS mark.  The fish haven’t minded the changing water and fishing keeps getting better and better!

DRIES: Get here now!  It’s getting good!  The Caddis fishing (Black and Tan) was EPIC yesterday afternoon and evening and should continue for a while.  Some Tricos in the AM, but only a few fish found up on them.  Leftover PMD’s and Sallies down lower.  Hopper fishing continues to be very good in spots.  Lower flows are going to set this place on fire!!!

NYMPHS: Still pretty good, not amazing.  Expect the afternoon pupa bite to pick up, especially on the upper 3.  Sowbugs and worms are still the goods for the most part.

STREAMERS: so-so.  Why would you fish streamers with dry fly fishing like this??

Our guests and guides are still blown away by the strength and size of fish this year on the Bighorn.  Yes, there are definitely a few less fish, but with the average size at 16-18″ and plenty bigger, everyone is happy, for the most part.  These aren’t the cookie cutter fish of the past.  Make sure you have a good drag and plenty of backing on your reel!  See you out there!