Bighorn Angler Fishing Update 10/22

We’re in the midst of turnover time on the Bighorn.  Green water and a good amount of drifting grass pose obstacles to the angler.  There have been some good reports from the streamer world and OK reports from the nymph guys.  We need some colder night time temps to speed the flush of the river up, which will probably be a couple/few weeks still..  The crowds are way down, so if you like solitude, it’s not a bad time to be here.  November should be the month though!!

Water temps are still warm so you can run a tip for streamer fishing or lite and fish your floating lines.  Thin Mints, Stick Buggers, Pete’s Bugger, Hot bead Leeches and Laser Legals have been productive.

For the nymph deal Worms are still the main deal with Sowbugs and Scuds a close second.  Expect this to continue until water temps start dropping, then it will become more Sow, Scud, Baetis, Midge stuff.