Bighorn Fishing Report January 14, 2022


Our water temps have finally dipped into the high 30’s, which is on par for this time of year.  The fish seem to be adjusting to this as the fishing definitely hasn’t been ‘lights out’ by any means.  Pick the non windy, warmer days and you’ll enjoy your time!

It’s mainly a nymph deal right now with the standard Winter fare – Carpet Bugs, Cotton Candy, Graveyard Midges, Zebra Midges and various other Sowbug/Midge patterns.  You’ll really want to concentrate on the slower 4-6′ deep water now and going forward through the next couple months.

Slow moving Streamers will pick up some fish as well.  Think little, thin profile bugs like Hot Bead Squirrel leeches, Thin Mints and small jig patterns.