Bighorn Fishing Update 10/2

It looks like the Fall season is finally here.  Dropping temps are providing for some great fishing conditions.  The crowds are gone for the year and trips are slowing up.  We’re still cranking here everyday and available to help you out!  Fishing has been good for some and tough for others.  The Bureau is still working on the gates at the dam so water temps are warmer than normal.  Watch fishing late in the afternoon as the fish are recovering a bit slower.

Tricos made a late appearance this Fall and we’ve seen some excellent fishing.  Cooler mornings have the bugs coming off slower, but we’re finding some big fish.  The best fishing still seems to be on the Upper 3.

The nymph crowd is having moderate success with Orange Scuds, Worms and Sowbugs.  You’ll have to deal with grass below 3 Mile, but that’s a given for this time of year.

Streamer fishing is starting to kick off.  Cloudy cool days have fish fired up.  Thin Mints, JJ’s, Lil Kim’s, Pete’s buggers and a variety of leeches are getting the job done.