Bighorn Fishing Update 7/20

BA Guide Bryen Venema put Glenn on some good dry fly fish the past few days

Down, Down, Down she goes

GET READY FOLKS the Bighorn is dropping quickly.  Fishing has been outstanding during the high water, and as the river drops the fishing seems to be only getting better.  7850 cfs as we write this (vs. 10k+ just yesterday) and dropping like a rock.   Word on the street is 5,000 by early next week….we will see.  The one certain thing is as water levels drop over the next week, outflows will originate exclusively from bottom of the lake vs. a mix of bottom and warmer top water causing river temps to cool (currently 54 at afterbay – 62 downstream) and the wade fishing spots will begin to show themselves.

LOTS of bugs out there right now mostly caddis & hoppers, but good numbers of PMDs and Yellow Sallies mixed in.  Yes, some fish up on them.  Dry fly windows vary depending on where you are and time of day but more reliable later in the afternoon and evening, enough to keep things interesting and will just get better from here on out.  Downright grasshopper infestations in certain fields around the valley and plenty of hoppers on the water recently, but fish are too busy gorging on caddis and the other staples to seem overly interested.  But as the water gets lower that could all change…

Nymphing continues to be excellent from the top all the way to Rotten Grass creek.  No longer the big worm bite, but smaller worms, caddis pupa, pmd nymphs, sow bugs all getting it done.  Good choices are poodle sniffers, frenchies, perdigons, carpet bugs, orange scuds.

Very hot temps people, so pack accordingly and take advantage of prime summer time on the Bighorn.  It’s all happening

– Mike Dewey