Bighorn River Fishing Report 1/31

It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted an update, but good news is not much has changed!  The Bighorn is in prime Winter shape.  Gin clear, fantastic clarity and cold water temps.  The weather lately has been insanely nice, so of course more than a few folks are taking advantage of it.  And yes, the fishing has been good!

Standard winter fare PINK (Cotton Candy, Jellybean, Softhackles) rule right now.  Tailwater Sows and Carpet Bugs are working well too.  Zebras, Green Weenies and Graveyard Midges will have you covered on the small end.

Streamer fishing has been good, but a bit on and off.  The bright sunny days, like normal, have been tougher.  Some folks are throwing big articulated stuff and some little leechy/bugger patterns.  Both are having steady success.

We are finishing up a BIG REMODEL at the shop and it’s kind of a mess.  We have decided to close the shop until about the first of March to let our crew do our thing.  If you need a shuttle, give us a call and we can help out.  You can also reach EZPZ shuttles at 406-666-2501.