Bighorn River fishing report

Bighorn River fishing report

May 29, 2011 7:38 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Yesterday was the first day at 10,000 cfs. The river was brought up 3000 cfs the day before. This has three effects that can make for spectacular fishing.

The first is, a flow bump that large scours the bottom and kicks a lot of food loose into the drift.

The second is the temperature of the water comes up 4-5 degrees, increasing the fish metabolism quite a bit.

Last, it will concentrate fish in certain areas until they adjust to the change. Those areas are soft seams and banks. As they adjust to the flows, they will move off the banks back out into some current.

All of this made for very steady fishing today. Fish were eating sow bugs and worms from the Afterbay down to where the water got dirtier that it wasn’t worth fishing. Natural colored sow bugs seemed to work better than brighter colors despite the river being off color. Two tone and dark brown worms worked really well.

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