Bighorn River Fishing Report 7/10

Ex Shop Rat, David Bower with a big brown taken on a Hopper

It’s game on here on the Bighorn!  PMD’s showed up big time with the heat wave that hit us.  However you want to catch them (Dries, nymphs, streamers) this is the time!

We’re seeing good numbers of fish up on PMD’s, which is a bit early this year, but we’ll take it.  The lower on the river you go, the more bugs as water temps increase.  Black Caddis are just starting to show up closer to Bighorn and should be up top this next week.  A handful of fish are on the hopper bite as well.

Subsurface the upper river is fishing well with Orange Scuds, Carpet Bugs, Frenchies, Worms, Split Case PMD and various Perdigons.  As you get lower, it’s more of a Sowbug/PMD deal.