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Bighorn River Fishing Report August 7th

Dry fly season is on!  The Bighorn continues to kick out impressive hatches of PMD’s and Black Caddis daily.  Fishing has been great in all aspects (Nymphing, Dry fly, some streamers).  Definitely a few people around, but the fish don’t seem to mind.

If you’re looking to hunt heads, plan on being on the water by about 11 and stay until dark.  This is the time of year when you can just about fish dries all day long.  It’s a good time to be here.  The fish haven’t been pushovers and the amount of bug activity is insane, so they plenty of food to choose from.  Our favorite patterns include PMD Last Chance Cripples, CDC X Caddis, Paraspinners, Para Pheasant Tails and just about any other techy CDC bugs you like to throw.

Nymphing has been very good from late morning through early afternoon, when the peak bug activity is on.  Sowbugs (Carpet Bugs, Rays, Jellybeans) and PMD Nymphs (CDC Bubbleback, MacGrubers, Split case PMD).  A few fish are being picked up on Black Caddis pupa, but the fish are pretty focused on the other bugs for now.

Water temps are pretty cool still, which is setting us up for a great rest of the Summer.  The Black Caddis are just starting to get ramped up and then Tricos soon to follow, which could be September at this point..