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Bighorn River Fishing Report January 10

A little delay in fishing reports, but nothing too exciting and new to report.  The river is in prime shape as far as clarity and lack of vegetation.  We don’t often get long warm weather windows like this and surprised it hasn’t been busier than it is.  A handful of guys out there trying to shoot end of the season ducks, but not a whole lot of fishing pressure right now.

The water temps are in the 38-40 degree range, meaning the fish are for sure in the Winter trenches.  4-6″ and a bit slower than walking speed is the type of water you’ll want to fish.

Streamer fishing has still been decent.  Small leeches and buggers in black or olive are getting their attention.

Nymphing with our standard Sowbugs and Midge patterns are what you’ll want on your rigs.

Winter rates are in effect through Mid March for lodging so give us a call!