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Bighorn River Fishing Report – Labor Day Weekend

We hope everyone is enjoying their extended weekend and are getting out to fish.  Good things are still going on here on the Bighorn.  We’re finally headed towards a big cool down, which should keep the fish happy and the fishing great through September.

The Caddis window is starting to wrap up overall.  Some days there are a lot of Caddis around, some days not so much.  There are some fish to be found, mostly on the Upper 3.  The Fall Psuedos have made an appearance and have captured the attention of some fish.  Tricos?  Not here yet.  Not sure if it’s going to happen, but we’re being hopeful!  A few big ones coming up on the Hoppers right now, so it’s worth playing the patience game.

Sam Jampolis with a great brown on a hopper. Photo/Guide: John Sindland

Nymphing is still rock solid throughout the entire river.  Fish are still eating up Sowbugs, Scuds, Caddis pupa and Psuedo nymphs, even some worms..  The ol’ Sowbug/Pheasant Tail combo is hard to beat right now.  Lots of healthy fish being caught every day out there!

Streamer fishing has been pretty darn good most days and we’re excited for the weather shift to get it kicked in to gear.  Many fish are up in the faster parts of runs, so a floating tip and a leech or bugger will get the job done.