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Bighorn River Fishing Report November 15

Not a whole lot of new things going on here.   The wind finally looks like it’s going to take a break.  This should be a good week to get out and fish!

Water visibility is still marginal, although we’ve lost a fair amount of the grass that was in the system.  Another couple cold snaps should help the river turn around and gain some clarity.

Nymphing has been pretty decent throughout the river.  Orange Scuds and Sowbugs (Eddie Vedders, SH Rays, Carpet Bugs) on the Upper and Worms and Sowbugs on the lower.  Same old stuff..

Streamer fishing has been hit and miss, but some really nice fish are still being caught.  Thin Mints, The Grinch, Pete’s Bugger and Hot bead Squirrel leeches are the good bugs to have.

That’s the short and sweet report!