Bighorn River Fishing Report



Bighorn River Fishing Report


Water Temp: 60 DegreesGeorgeBlackCaddis

Water Flow: 7,000 cfs

Current Conditions:

Despite the higher than normal water flow the river is fishing great!  There is a lot of food in the drift right now – sowbugs, scuds, midges and worms are abundant. The Black Caddis emergence has begun and fish can be found on the surface in the afternoon and evenings.

Tactics & Techniques:

With the warmer water temperatures fish have moved into the fast water and the riffles. The middle of the river is a productive place to fish your nymph rigs. Look for risers on the edges of the river and fish chasing pupa in the riffles. Nymph fishing, Streamer fishing and dry fly fishing have all been productive.


Black Caddis along with a few PMD’s and Yellow Sallies.

Best Fly Patterns:

Crustaceans: Soft hackle Ray Charles in Pink,Grey,and Tan, Killerbug in Pink and Grey, Orange scud, Chenille worms, Firebead Ray in pink, grey, and tan.

Black Caddis: Poodle Sniffer, Dills Caddis Pupa and adult, Bubbleback emerger, soft hackle pheasant tail