Bighorn River Fishing Update 3/19

Spring fishing is full on here on the Bighorn and everyone is starting to figure it out.  It’s getting busy on the weekends, but the fish are eating well and looking great!

We had our first guided groups out this past week and great fishing was reported by all.  Nymphing with Jellybeans, Red Bead Carpet Bugs, Throat Lozenge Sowbugs and general midge patterns (zebras, green weenies, red midge larva) produced good numbers of fish.  Overall, it’s been day to day, with some days being better than others.

Streamer fishing has been on and off, but pretty good overall.  Small leechy stuff and buggers are working well.  Concentrate on the cloudier days for better fishing.

Not much for dry fly activity yet.  We’re seeing some midge clusters and a few Baetis way down low.  It’s going to be a few weeks as water temps are in the high 30’s and the fish are fairly glued to the bottom.