Bighorn River Fishing Update 3/2

Spring is coming a bit early to the Bighorn Valley.  We snuck out yesterday and experienced some very solid fishing!  There was a healthy range of fish from 14-20″ and a few bigger.  We’re seeing a good mix of rainbows of browns, which will make for a promising season!

Nymphing has been very consistent in the slower drops and buckets.  Pink is always a top color right now.  Make sure you have Cotton Candies, Jellybeans and Pink Softhackles.  Any flies with a firebead or Pink bead have been working great too.  Don’t forget to drop a Zebra or Graveyard Midge off the back, especially in the mornings.

The Streamer bite has been off and on, but picking up some fish.  Rusty Trombones, Goldies, Lil Kim’s and Pete’s Buggers are all favorites.

We’ve seen a fair amount of Baetis out as water temps are a bit warmer than normal.  It’s looking like a earlier dry fly season might be ahead of us!

Our shop remodel is a bit behind schedule, but will be pretty awesome when it’s wrapped up.  We are delayed a bit on opening the shop, but should by this next weekend.  Don’t forget to get your new 2024 licenses too!