Bighorn River Fishing Update 4/27

The Bighorn is in fantastic shape right now.  We’re seeing strong hatches of Midges and Baetis bringing some fish to the surface and they are keyed in on the nymphs big time.  The Spring traffic is definitely here, but pretty well spread out.  FWP is shocking 3-B early this week, so watch out for that boat.  The good news is the feedback from them.  LOTS of big fish showing up as well as great numbers of smaller fish.  Looks like a promising season ahead of us!

The subsurface game has been the Sowbug/Midge/Baetis nymph setup for sure.  Various perdigons and jigs are working well too.  We’ve got them all in the shop and fully stocked on all other bugs!

For the dry fly crowd, it’s getting more consistent, although not quite like our Summer dry fly fishing.  We’re seeing quite a few smaller fish up, but enough good size fish to keep it interesting.  Improved Students, Para Adams, Smokejumpers and cluster Midges are good to have in the fly box right now.

Flows are stable around 2000 cfs and we’re hoping for some more water in the future.  Not sure if that will happen or not, but the Bighorn is looking good!