Bighorn River Fishing Update 5/23

Well it looks like the B.O.R. flow forecast was a bit off for this month.  Flows will be back up to 5000cfs as of this afternoon.  The river fished great yesterday during the flow bump.  We just need to get it to stop raining!

The Baetis have come back pretty heavy later in the afternoons on the cloudier days. These fish have not been super easy to catch, so a good, stealthy presentation is a must and don’t beat the water!

The nymph bite is still really good.  We are seeing some drifting moss with the increase in flows, so keep your bugs clean and the fish will eat. Big Sowbugs and Baetis nymphs are the patterns to have.  Rays, Tailwater Sows, Carpet Bugs, Quills, MacGrubers and Perdigons are working well.

We did have some better streamer reports during the drizzy weather yesterday.  White or Olive seem to be the colors.