Bighorn River Fishing Update 6/10

Flows are on the way up to 7k CFS.  Water temps have come up considerably as the BOR is releasing over the top of the dam.  This has made for some really good fishing and will be even better when flows stabilize.  The river feels BIG out there right now, so please be careful as this is not a time for learning how to row a boat!   The river is very dirty with moss below 3 Mile, but look for this to clean out over the next few days.

Nymphing has been excellent.  Lots of WORMS in the system and fish are taking full advantage.  Sowbugs like Tailwater sows, Carpet Bugs, Softhackles and Pink and Red bead stuff have been getting it done.  Add a bunch of weight and you’ll be in business!

Streamer fishing is just getting good and with the warmer flows and higher water, this will be some of the best of the year!  Smaller articulated Galloup stuff, Sparkle Minnows, and all kinds of bright stuff will work.

The Dry Fly stuff is done for a while with the high flows.  Maybe July?