Bighorn River Fishing Update 7/30

Looks like it’s just starting to happen here on the Bighorn.  We’ve seen decent amounts of fish responding to Black Caddis and PMD’s the past couple days.  Expect it to get better and better each day.

If you’re searching for rising fish, we’re for sure seeing more fish in the late afternoon/evening hours.  They’re not everywhere yet, so watch carefully.  We’re still seeing a few fish looking up for hoppers.  It’s not a numbers name, but some big fish are being caught.

Nymphing has been very solid from Afterbay to Bighorn.  Sowbugs and Scuds in the morning and PMD and Caddis pupa in the afternoons.

The river has been very busy as of late, so please be mindful of other anglers and give everyone plenty of space out there!